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Things have changed in my life recently and I am starting a new blog. I am not sure if I will keep up with this one or not. My new blog is

30 Weeks and Counting…

30 weeks and feeling like a cow :-)

I am a little over 30 weeks pregnant now and wow it feels like it took forever to get here. I have to be honest that it wasn’t until the past 10 weeks or so that I actually believed that this pregnancy was real and that a baby would be joining our family this summer. It isn’t because I don’t want a baby or I am not happy about it I was just scared of something happening and I was constantly waiting to lose the baby. Lyme can complicate pregnancy and cause miscarriages and other unknown issues so at first I didn’t want to get too attached.

After having the gender ultrasound at 20 weeks and seeing the baby moving and kicking and having a gender it started to kick in more that this was happening. Then as the weeks went on and I feel her move inside me everyday I know that we are going to be  blessed with another wonderful daughter. I am finally able to truly be excited about the pregnancy and when I find things I want for the baby I don’t question if we will actually need it or not anymore. I love feeling the little life inside me and I can’t wait to meet my sweet girl! God has truly blessed us and I can’t be thankful enough.

Pregnancy wise I seem to be doing ok. Most of the pain and complications I deal with aren’t pregnancy related but lyme related. I switched to a new OB at 28 weeks that is more lyme friendly and open minded and he has been wonderful. I am currently in a somewhat nesting mode or a mode where I am trying to make sure we have all the necessities we need for when baby Princess arrives. Due to my complications once I start dilating and get to 4 or so I will be placed in the hospital. With my last pregnancy I was 4 centimeters at 34 weeks so this can happen at any time. The doctor doesn’t want me to have the possibility of delivering at home due to my complications and since I have previously delivered all of my children within 30 minutes of my water breaking the doctor is going to take all precautions. I have to say I am not looking forward to a hospital stay before baby is born so hopefully I wont dilate early this time, I guess we shall see!

The girls are excited about their sister and everyday at least one comes to me to tell me that they wish it was time to have her and they don’t want to wait anymore. I am excited to see them with their new sibling and I know they will love her and take great care of her! Baby Princess is going to be blessed with 4 wonderful older sisters!

Well, I guess that is the update for now! Hopefully I will get better about blogging and more interesting soon! At least in a few weeks I will have pictures of a new baby to share, who can resist that! :-)




Family Pictures

Last weekend my amazing sister in law, Amie, was kind enough to take some pictures for our family! Here is how they turned out!


Aren’t they beautiful! Thank you to my sis Amie for doing such a great job and having creative ideas for our pics! We will defiantly be having Amie take pics again once baby makes her debut!